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Press on Register, fill all fields (make sure that you've not used this email address before). After you'll receive activation link, on email which you entered due registration (just follow this link). After all these actions your account will be ready for using.
You was banned because of the game rules violation! For more information you can send a ticket to the Support Center
If you was robbed it means that you doesn't follow our instructions. We cannot provide items back, because we cannot take responsibility for your actions.
You should understand that we cannot take responsibility for your actions. We cannot do anything in cases like that.
If you forgot or want to change your password click ‘Forgot Password’ on the site. In the appeared field you should type your account name. You should receive new mail with the link on password recovery (if you not receive any link - check your spambox, if after few hours you still didn't receive any link, just send a ticket to the Support Center)
When you enter your account click on “Profile“ and then on the field “Change E-mail“, after you should receive new mail with the link on password recovery (if you not receive any link - check your spambox, if after few hours you still didn't receive any link, just send a ticket to the Support Center)
When you entered your account, click on “Sub-Accounts“ and then on the field “Camp Password “, after you should receive new mail with the link on password recovery (if you’ll not receive any link - check your spambox, if after few hours there is still any link, just send a ticket to the Support Center)
First of all close metin2united game clients and wait 10 minutes. Then go to, after that click on "Unbug" on the bugged character. Wait 10 more minutes. Do it again 2-3 times and it will help. Then you can log in.
If it did not help, be tolerant and wait for the server reboot.
It depends from your situation. In most cases you can receive help from GM/GA. If they cannot help, you should send ticket in the support system. In all cases when you want to ask somebody about something, you should try to find answer in this F.A.Q or on Forum.
In order to contact the Support Center, you should log in on the site and click on the button ‘Support’.
Here you’ll see the status of your ticket. To create new ticket, you should click on ‘New Ticket’ and fill in the needed fields with information. There you should type the help topic of your problem, subject, specify server, your char name, date/time of problem, and below describe your problem clearly without shortening. We want to recall you that support center works only with tickets written in English language. If you need, you can attach screenshot with your ticket.
When you’ll send ticket, you can view its status and get answers and recommendations from the Support team. Also we want say to you, that you shouldn't create new ticket for each reply. One ticket with same thread is more than enough. If you received answer on your ticket and it was closed, but you still need some help in this case or you still have some questions about your issue, you just need to reopen your ticket via new reply.
First of all, ask GM/GA about help. It is possible that you did something wrong and they will advice you the solution. If the item is really bugged, put it in the bank and send a ticket to the Support Center.
CoMas can be busy in other areas of work. Firstly, you should write about your problem to GM/GA. And if they didn't help you with your problem you should send a ticket to the Support Center.
On questions concerning bugs in the game also write to our Support Center. They will investigate the problem.
At this moment the staff is filled, and it is no need in new people. It will be an announcement on the forum if we will have new vacancies.
To report about your idea how to improve the game, please write to the Game Suggestion forum thread.
Describe it clearly, without shortening, also make sure that this suggestion wasn't posted before. The team will consider the report.
Please report it as soon as possible in forum report section (screenshots with reports for illegal buying/seling, promouting and advertisement of other servers, insults and profanity, manipulating of guild wars and other).
About all changes, there will be announcement on our main site and on forum.
As usual, server reboots every two days.
You should go to select there “Market” press on “Buy coins” and choose one of available methods of buying. Also you should understand, that sometimes some methods are not available, it depends from your country and from our payment provider (sometimes they need to do some maintenance works
When you buy coins it usually takes about 24 hours to receive them. Sometimes it may take more time (2-3 days). For checking your payment status you should use “Miss coins” function.
You can buy items in game shops. Rare items or some extra/premium items you can find in “Market” place tab “Item shop” on our site, also you can find “Item shop” in game, just press on ESC and choose the needed part or press on yellow coin in down left corner of the game client. There you may find a lot of good and helpful items which will make your being in game more comfortable.
IMPORTANT a)You should be very careful when you buying items, don't forget to chose right server
b) All items purchased from Item shop are placed in the mall bank in game.
For adding Self Made Bonuses on item, you should do the following:
  1. 1. Put the item on which you want to add bonuses in your Store Keeper in the game, close the Store Keeper after you put item for mall.
  2. 2. Go back to Metin home page and click on “Market”, after - on "Self made bonus change", select game server and your store will be open.
  3. 3. Check the name of the item you are going to add mall bonuses.
  4. 4. Add the bonuses which you want.
  5. 5. Scroll down, put your PW (PW from your account).
  6. 6. Click "change bonus" and Done!.

IMPORTANT: a) If you forget to close your store keeper in the game and let it open while you adding bonuses, this will cause some problems such as the adding bonus will not pass successfully.
b) It’s impossible to add stones on earrings, bracelets, necklaces.
c) 100% of one type bonuses is enough for normal working of resistance bonuses.
We already set optimal game rates. To increase it, you can buy Premium membership.
Technical Problems
You should go to and download the game patcher.
Before you start installing the new client remove the old Metin2United game folder (if you still have it).To install Metin2United, just open the Metin2United.exe file.Follow the given instructions, after you’ll select the path to new game folder, patcher will download all game files and updates.
First of all most of errors can be resolved by restarting the game client again. Also be sure that you have last versions of drivers for your hardware and last updates for your operation sysytem.
Reason: Your Firewall blocks the patcher or your internet connection got lost.
Solution:Make sure that your internet connection works well.
Check your firewall settings. Open your Windows system settings, go to Firewall, click Allow a program through Windows Firewall, browse for the Metin2United.exe file and add it. More info can be found here.

Reason: Your Anti-Virus program detected the file as a virus and moved it into quarantine or deleted it.
Solution:Open your Anti-Virus program and look for a log file. There the metin2client.bin file should be listed. Mark the file as safe and let the program ignore the file. Then restart the patch again.

Avast Antivirus:
Click the Windows Start menu button and type Avast. The Avast icon will appear in the search results at the top of the Start menu.
Click Avast to open the Avast window then click on Real Time Shields.

Step 1:
Under Real Time Shields, click on Behavior Shields.
Click on Expert Settings then Trusted Processes. Find the file and add it.

Step 2:
Under Real Time Shields, click on File System Shields.
Click the Expert Settings button to open the settings window.
Click the Exclusions tab on the left side of the window. An exclusions text box will appear on the right side of the window.
Click the Browse button. Put a check mark next to the Metin2United.bin file and click OK.
Click OK to close the settings window.

Avira AntiVir: Right-click Avira AntiVir's icon in the notification area of the taskbar, which is located next to the clock. Select Configure AntiVir. Check the Expert mode option box, which is located on top of the left corner in the window.
Click the + sign next to Scanner on the left of the window.Click Scan and then Exceptions. Go to File Objects and type Metin2United.bin. You also can click the Browse button, navigate to the Metin2United.binfile and double-click it. Click Add.
Click the + sign next to Guard on the left of the window under the Scanner option you selected in Step 2. Click Scan and then Exceptions. Go to File Objects and type Metin2United.bin. You also can click the Browse button, navigate to the Metin2United.bin file and double-click it. Click Add.
Close Avira AntiVir by clicking the OK button on the bottom of the window and reboot your computer.

Other Antivirus programs:
Norton Security 2010
Norton Security 2011
Norton Security 2012
Norton Security 360 V4.0
Norton Security 360 V5.0
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.x
Reason: You are using Daemon Tools. It mounts the Metin2United image and forces you to insert a CD.
Solution: Open Daemon Tools. Go to the settings and uncheck Automount. Reboot your computer.

If you can't fix the problem please send Support Ticket and attach the 'syserr.txt' file from your metin2united game folder!!!